JMS Elite and Agile Frameworks – A Partnership for Success


JMS Elite and Agile Frameworks

“We have seen 30% year-over-year revenue growth through new deals since we have engaged with JMS Elite, and 94% of all closed deals in 2019 can be attributed to JMS.” 

Alan Littman CMO, Agile Frameworks

About Agile Frameworks

Agile Frameworks is a SaaS software platform that provides engineering services companies the ability to manage engineering-related project lifecycles, including scheduling, dispatching and other field data collection and reporting necessary in Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical activities for construction projects. 

Target Market & Challenges

Alan Littman, CMO at Agile Frameworks, explains that the ideal client for their business is “a company that focuses on construction engineering disciplines.” Agile Frameworks aims to work with engineering firms whose primary customers are private and public entities including school districts, DoT, large infrastructure and residential construction.


Most notable projects include the Minneapolis light rail projects, and many large Stadium projects including the new Allegiant Stadium being constructed in Las Vegas. 


The specified target market that Agile Frameworks appeals to provides challenges for their marketing and sales opportunities, as construction materials testing is a niche industry and approximately 50% of the firms focused on construction materials testing are under 50 employees.

Outsourced vs. Inside Sales Team

As CMO of Agile Frameworks, Alan determined it would be better to outsource business development activities rather than allocate it to an in-house team.

After working with both internal and external teams, Alan knew from experience that the most significant difference between outsourcing and keeping lead generation in-house is in productivity and expertise. 



“The cost to build, train, and maintain a business development team that can reach decision-makers is way more costly than to outsource.”


Why JMS Elite? 

Alan met the JMS Elite leadership team while working as CMO at a different company and developed relationships with Co-Founders Jim Scaparotti and John Magyari. After shifting to the CMO position at Agile Frameworks, Alan believed in the value that JMS Elite could offer the company and chose to work with them once again for outsourced lead generation.


“The best relationships are the ones when you really trust who you’re doing business with.”

Working with JMS Elite

Since the beginning of the partnership between JMS Elite and Agile Frameworks, the experience was seamless, easy, and results-driven. 


Unlike other firms, Alan noted that “JMS is not just looking to give you a lead, but they have a rigid process around scoring the lead. They do a great job of qualifying the lead… and there is continuous qualification going on. That can be the difference between securing a lead who is anyone and securing one that is a decision maker.”


There are a lot of firms out there who will say they can get you leads. Alan frequently receives calls and messages from firms that claim they can help Agile Frameworks receive more leads and book appointments. This, for Alan, is a red flag and leads him to believe that they will do anything to check the box. 


“There is a trust factor involved,” Alan explained. “The difference between JMS and other firms [is] they are not looking to just check the box.” They want to provide quality productivity back to his team, and Alan knew they would do whatever they could to be successful.


As executive callers, the JMS Elite team aims to speak with senior executives – and succeeds


“If you want someone who can get to the manager or director within companies, anybody can likely get those meetings,” Alan noted. “To get to senior executives, you need someone who not only sounds like one but who can hold a conversation and engage and be interesting enough in terms of the value that they relay to get on the phone and secure a meeting. [JMS Elite] has come up with a strategy to reach senior executives. Way more of their meetings are with senior executives than with lower levels.”


“I don’t want to know their secret sauce – I just know it works.”



Throughout their partnership with JMS Elite, Agile Frameworks has experienced a 30% year-over-year revenue growth of new deals, and directly attribute 94% of all closed deals from 2019 to JMS Elite. 


Alan also revealed that JMS Elite directly delivered on 62% of closed deals, and 32% of other deals that were closed had some touch or could be attributed to some action or influence by JMS Elite. 


Agile Frameworks continues to happily work with JMS Elite to qualify prospective clients within their unique industry and sees continuous positive results and increased ROI.


“[JMS Elite is] honorable around your relationship,” Alan stated. “[I] haven’t worked with another partner in this area who is as honorable in doing their best as JMS is.”