Market Validation & Insight

There is no better way to validate opportunity in a target market than to engage potential prospects. Our team uses a disciplined, thorough process to assess market readiness and provide detailed insights into the needs of potential buyers.

"JMS Elite out-performed an industry-focused firm in opening dialogue and obtaining the knowledge needed to enter and compete in a new market segment. The thoroughness and detail of their insights enabled Initiate Systems to develop the right strategies, messages and marketing to excel in the market."
Jennifer Jawor, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Merge Healthcare (formerly of Initiate Systems)

Market Validation & Insight Capabilities

  • Outbound prospecting and executive engagement to obtain marketing intelligence
  • Positioning and messaging testing
  • List and database validation and enhancement
  • Competitive review
  • Channel partner review
  • Custom surveys
  • Win-Loss Surveys
  • Voice of Customer Surveys

Market Validation & Insight Approach

  • Employ our proven prospect engagement methodology based on hundreds of successful programs
  • Identify and qualify potential prospects in target market
  • Engage executives in meaningful dialogue to understand priorities, needs, buying cycles, and existing solutions
  • Secure responses to survey questions
  • Capture critical data points to inform go-to-market strategy
  • Define top-tier strategic targets for capturing market share and recognition
  • Chart competitive landscape and market saturation
  • Identify key channel partners
  • Provide detailed insights on market, prospects and channels
  • Support marketing and sales planning for pipeline development and nurturing

Market Validation & Insight Results

  • Knowledge and validation for rapid market entry
  • Focused marketing and sales planning based on first-hand market experiences
  • Validated prospect database – foundation for accelerated lead generation
  • Clear insight for relevant market positioning, messaging and strategies

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