Leveraging Lead Generation Services to Advance in a Niche Market


Leveraging JMS Elite Lead Generation Services to Make Headway in a Niche Market

GuideStar charges JMS Elite Lead Generation with the task of identifying opportunities for their niche healthcare services business.

“The team at JMS Elite was quick to understand our very specific market. Their knowledge of our industry builds credit with those they are calling.” – Shirley Trainor-Thomas, GuideStar

Shirley Trainor-Thomas is Chief Strategy Officer for GuideStar, www.guidestarresearch.com, an innovative industry leader, providing comprehensive clinical trials support services to hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and physician practices across the country.

GuideStar is a niche business with a very specific audience.

The challenge of identifying and uncovering opportunities when a business is so specific is that prospects are often unaware that such a valuable service even exists, so numerous high-level cold calls are necessary to generate qualified leads.

Not only do prospects need to be contacted, but also educated about the services available and how they can help them move the needle with their own clinical trials.

A successful outbound telesales program, therefore, requires a high volume of calls from an informed inside sales rep in order to uncover viable business opportunities.

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Goals and Opportunities

With the goal to increase revenue and uncover more qualified business opportunities, GuideStar decided to outsource their business development efforts to a dedicated team of experienced professionals and partnered with JMS Elite.

Before outsourcing, the cold calls were being made internally by two employees, and the process was extremely time-consuming. Because of this, GuideStar had a good understanding of the time and effort necessary for a successful teleprospecting program.

Working with JMS Elite

“The team at JMS Elite works with a very high level of professionalism and was quick to understand our very specific market. Their knowledge of our industry builds credibility with our target audience. I am confident to have them speak on behalf of GuideStar.”

GuideStar’s prospects are a hard group to identify, and even harder to engage in meaningful discussion. Each research group is different with different needs. So Ms. Trainor-Thomas sought out the services of a highly professional team who would be able to meet the unique needs of a company like GuideStar.

The JMS Elite team was able to learn the specific language very quickly and to speak knowledgeably and successfully on behalf of GuideStar to move top prospects along the sales cycle.

Using JMS Elite to make the prospecting calls allowed GuideStar to restructure internally. By lifting the responsibility off of in-house staff, they were able to focus their efforts in other areas such as marketing and strategy.


“Our business provides a very specialized service to a niche market. The team at JMS Elite learned our specific language very quickly and were able to engage successfully on behalf of GuideStar in order to qualify top prospects and move them along the sales cycle.”

JMS Elite already had deep experience in the healthcare space and was able to pick up the very specific lingo and sub-lingo necessary to begin making the calls that led to meaningful interactions, qualified leads, and scheduled appointments. That knowledge established credibility with prospects and made it possible for the JMS Elite team to as act as professional representatives of GuideStar.

The investment has paid for itself. GuideStar is now able to focus internal resources on marketing and strategy and leave the calling to the qualified team at JMS Elite.

“We measure success by the number of qualified prospects that are handed off to our sales team for meetings and the quality of those prospects. The quality of the leads we have received through JMS Elite are very good and we have been able to turn these opportunities into tangible long-term business for our organization.”

Complex B2B lead generation requires time and focus, and callers must possess a high level of professionalism in order to speak confidently with prospects.

JMS Elite was able to provide the expert level services that GuideStar required in order to generate highly qualified and actionable sales leads.

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