My 3 Golden Rules for Inbound and Outbound Lead Follow-Up

Lead follow-up

Lead follow-up is a crucial step in the sales process. A qualified lead can be wasted (and practically handed right over to the competition) if it is left to linger on the vine. Inbound and outbound leads are generated differently, so the rules for follow-up will vary slightly. The basic principles are the same, but […]

5 Reasons Outsourced Teleprospecting is Key to B2B Sales Success

Outsourced Teleprospecting

  Why Choose Outsourced Teleprospecting? Everyone out there is looking to build a sales funnel; either to improve the one they have, or possibly because they are starting a new product or business area.   In order to cover ground and to interact with your audience in a meaningful way, calling and talking to prospects […]

Create a Sense of Urgency on a Teleprospecting Call


How Does Creating a Sense of Urgency Impact a Teleprospecting Call? Teleprospecting is a successful telephone-based sales technique. When you reach a prospect (in teleprospecting that is an executive or key evaluator), chances are they are busy with something else and really just want to get rid of you.   If you can quickly make […]