3 Ways to Increase Sales Opportunities at Conferences and Trade Shows

Sales Opportunities

What to do before, during, and after an industry conference or tradeshow to maximize ROI and increase sales opportunities. How do you optimize your presence at a large industry conference? Chances are, if you are attending a conference, you or your company have spent significant money to be there. Tens and hundreds of thousands of […]

Create a Sense of Urgency on a Teleprospecting Call


How Does Creating a Sense of Urgency Impact a Teleprospecting Call? Teleprospecting is a successful telephone-based sales technique. When you reach a prospect (in teleprospecting that is an executive or key evaluator), chances are they are busy with something else and really just want to get rid of you.   If you can quickly make […]

Chance Meetings and Networking Your Business

  Success in the complex B2B sales world is most often started by engaging in meaningful interactions with an executive decision maker or key evaluator. If you’ve read my thoughts on this before, you know that I believe a good conversation, a meaningful interaction, with a prospect is what it takes to get to the […]

Putting Your Content Into Context

Putting Your Content Into Context

With many of our clients, our outbound lead generation initiatives are an integrated part of marketing programs.   As the team picking up the phone and making outbound calls to B2B prospects, we see what works in marketing content – and, unfortunately, what doesn’t.   Too much of the time, marketers focus on the company’s […]

Outbound Calling in a Content Marketing World

Outbound Calling in a Content Marketing World

Denise Senter is a Marketing and Business Solutions Strategist, focused on developing executable strategies that drive business growth. She has served as VP of Marketing and an officer in 3 public companies, in addition to consulting with a broad range of companies: start-ups, small- and mid-size businesses, and Fortune 500 leaders. She has engaged JMS […]