3 Reasons Why Companies that Sell Products Should Engage in B2B Telemarketing

B2B Telemarketing Product Industry

In 2009 JMS Elite had its first opportunity to represent a client in a new-to-us industry – complex products. Up until that point, the vast majority of our clients were those selling business software solutions and consulting services, with almost no clients that sold high-ticket products. With great success in that market (the client still […]

Take Three: Sales Skills and Techniques for More Meaningful Interactions

sales skills and meaningful interactions

There are times, though, when we wonder if our passion for these intangible sales skills is too zealous, too earnest. It’s nice when we come across an article backing up our assertion as we did in Linda Richardson’s post Six Critical Skills For The New Sales Dialogue. In this post, Ms. Richardson confirms that the high value […]

How the Rise of “Teleprospecting” Benefits the Complex B2B Sale Industry

How the Rise of "Teleprospecting" Benefits the Complex B2B Sale Industry

  Teleprospecting, as a Term, is on the Rise Here at JMS Elite, we’ve have been using the term “teleprospecting” for quite a while in the B2B sales world, mostly in order to distinguish our services from the more widely-known “telemarketing” sales techniques.   In the past year, though, I’ve been noticing a rise in […]

Telemarketing VS. Teleprospecting

Telemarketing VS. Teleprospecting

 Telemarketing Vs. Teleprospecting – How are they different? Which one is right for your business? What is the difference between telemarketing and teleprospecting? These two terms are sometimes thought of as the same thing and may even be used interchangeably. However, there is a big difference and there are key factors that differentiate the two. […]

Why Customer Experience Must Matter to B2B Marketers

Why Customer Experience Must Matter to B2B Marketers

You’ve got a great solution, product or service set at a competitive price. You’ve launched a marketing campaign with a lot of initial traction. Your situation is a dream – until the sales report falls well below expectations. Your dream quarter has plunged into nightmare territory. What’s going on? It’s a question that JMS Elite […]