Why Do Businesses Choose to Outsource B2B Telesales?

Outsource B2B Telesales

Have you ever considered outsourced B2B telesales for your firm? Using an outsourced team can increase the number and caliber of sales leads coming into your company. B2B cold calling and lead nurturing can be an extremely valuable tactic, especially for companies selling complex products that require conversations with senior-level buyers as part of the […]

Engage Your Target Audience with B2B Telemarketing

Reach Your Target Audience

B2B telemarketing is a proven and successful method of sales that connects you directly with your target audience. It’s a chance to engage and build trust. To cultivate authentic conversations and to gain more qualified leads.  Knowing precisely what type of customer to target—and how to engage with them using B2B telemarketing—will lead to more […]

3 B2B Telemarketing Pitfalls to Avoid 

B2B Telemarketing Pitfalls

No one likes receiving telemarketing calls—least of all busy company executives whose time is already limited. Make your calls more compelling and harder to ignore by avoiding these 3 B2B telemarketing pitfalls. 3 B2B Telemarketing Pitfalls to Avoid 1. Giving a Features and Benefits Presentation Whatever you do, do not give a features and benefits […]

B2B Telemarketing: How to Reach the Decision Maker

B2B Telemarketing: How to Reach the Decision Maker

It is essential to reach a decision maker within a company or organization for B2B calling to be successful. As experts in B2B telemarketing, we know how common it is for a caller to get caught on the lower rungs of the corporate ladder. For complex B2B sales, it is the decision maker who has […]

The Insider’s Guide to B2B Cold Calling – Part 2

guide b2b cold calling part 2

Revisiting the fundamentals of proven practices for B2B cold calling is a great way to get back on track if your numbers, or those of your team, are falling. I find that the basics can sometimes get lost amongst new ideas or “shortcuts” and revisiting them can get a caller, or a campaign, back on […]