3 Reasons Why Your Outsourced Business Development Failed

outsourced business development failed

Outsourced professional business development works, and it can provide a great ROI.   When you hire a team of experienced professionals whose sole purpose is to make the calls and have meaningful interactions with prospects, you will see your sales pipeline increase with qualified leads.   We have met with clients, and spoken with many […]

Social Media Changes – Why Real Connections Still Matter

Social Media Changes - Why Real Connections Still Matter

  How social media platforms share your information is not under your control, so relying on them to make connections and drive B2B business development efforts is not a solid plan to increase sales.   Recently, another of JMS Elite’s co-founders, Jim Scaparotti, published a blog addressing the need for an integrated approach to lead […]

3 Ways to Increase Sales Opportunities at Conferences and Trade Shows

Sales Opportunities

What to do before, during, and after an industry conference or tradeshow to maximize ROI and increase sales opportunities. How do you optimize your presence at a large industry conference? Chances are, if you are attending a conference, you or your company have spent significant money to be there. Tens and hundreds of thousands of […]

The “Secret Sauce” to Successful Teleprospecting

The “Secret Sauce” to Successful Teleprospecting

The Teleprospecting List Having worked in this business for more than 20 years – 13 of those at the head of a successful teleprospecting firm, I know that there is value in getting down to the basics and discussing the fundamentals and good practices for a successful teleprospecting campaign. Our firm is focused on teleprospecting […]

Spotlight: Navy SEALs – Extreme Leadership

  U.S. Navy SEALs. Not many words in the English language command such instant recognition or deserve more honor and respect. But what is their secret? What makes their form of leadership work? Is it something you can replicate in your industry, your company, your position? Open your imagination to the possibilities as you read […]