4 Ways to Create a Positive Customer Experience in B2B Sales


4 Ways to Create a Positive Customer Experience in B2B SalesIn an increasingly digital world, customer experience is more important than ever. Though many times we are not meeting prospects face-to-face, it is vital to create meaningful interactions. This will help you foster better client relationships, and will differentiate you from the competition.

For more effective B2B sales calls, your organization needs to provide an overall positive customer experience. Your prospects being able to connect with someone to answer questions and explain your company’s value is key to supporting a robust B2B sales program.

Why a Customer Experience is Key to B2B Sales

Build Meaningful Connections

To cut through the noise of the competition, you need more than just a great product or offer. Building meaningful connections with your customers stands out in the eyes of consumers and speaks to the priorities of your company. Providing a positive customer experience means more opportunities to connect and establish rapport with prospects.

Connect Beyond the Digital Divide

Prospects can easily go online and discover what your product or service is and how it compares to the competition. However, speaking with a knowledgeable sales rep gives prospects the chance to understand exactly how they can benefit from your offering. A good sales rep can do more than just give the highlights, they will specifically apply your product or offer to the pains and goals of the individual customer.

Foster Repeat Business

New prospects come for the product or offer, but repeat customers stay because of the overall experience they have with your organization. B2B sales depend on trust and communication, and the only way to maintain that relationship is to prioritize how your customers feel at the end of every interaction. 

Having a strong team behind you to support this effort is necessary to maintaining these expectations and building meaningful relationships. Get More Insights With Our B2B Sales Guide

How to Create a Positive Customer Experience

1. Be Human

It’s as simple as it sounds. Being human means treating your customers like fellow human beings. Listen to and care about prospect experience. Prioritizing positive customer experiences means being present to listen to their pains and needs, and responding thoughtfully and sincerely. 

The digital age has lead to many people prioritizing fast information which can be cold and impersonal. Taking the time to listen to a customer’s problems and provide in-depth, insightful information is an invaluable addition to the customer experience.

2. Have Expertise

To provide that insightful, valuable conversation, you need a sales rep who has experience working with customers and specifically addressing their unique pain points,. 

An inexperienced caller may rely too heavily on a script, or not have the knowledge to address specific 

questions. This reflects back on your company as a whole, and impacts how that customer feels about your overall service. 

An experienced outsourced firm can provide detailed, knowledgeable insight to sales calls that add tremendous value to your overall sales strategy. No matter where a customer is in the sales process, having a trusted and reliable human being to directly talk to is still important even in a digital-loving world, and will set you apart from your competitors.

3. Provide Value

Overall, your clients need to feel like they are receiving something of value from your company. Though your product or service may come first, your customer experience is oftentimes the differentiating factor between you and the competition, so it is key that prospects are utlimately satisfied.

Adding white-glove customer service to your repertoire tells customers that their business means more than just their dollar- you care about their overall satisfaction and experience. Look at your offering as more than just a means of making a profit – consider how it affects your prospects, how it can benefit them and ease their unique pain points.  

4. Expand Your Team

Satisfied customers mean repeat business. Prioritizing customer experience in every aspect of your organization will help to build meaningful relationships that translate to increased revenue and referrals. 

To support your team in creating a positive customer experience every step of the way, consider expanding with an experienced outsourced sales team. You could also consider utilizing an outsourced phone answering service to manage phone inquiries and take some of the burden from your existing sales team.

Having the right people to support your sales efforts means improving experiences of both customers and employees, for a more efficient and productive organization. Outsourcing can support your team by increasing bandwidth without sacrificing high-quality customer service. 

If you would like to improve your prospects’ experience, reach out to JMS Elite for outsourced calling by customer-experienced professionals.