3 Goals for a Successful Sales Call

3 Goals for a Successful Sales Call: JMS Elite

What does a successful sales call look like? How can you ascertain whether or not a sales call was successful?   Not all sales calls are going to look the same. In fact, they shouldn’t—B2B sales calls should be about the prospect, not the caller. Experienced callers find themselves spending more time listening rather than […]

3 Tech Tools for Inside Sales in 2021

3 Tech Tools For Inside Sales in 2021

It’s no surprise that businesses are continuing to see an impact from the effects of the pandemic today. It’s likely that we will see these effects well into 2021 and beyond. While some businesses were more affected than others, it can be said with confidence that all are looking forward and thinking about the post-pandemic […]

You Know You Need A Calling Program… Now What?

You Know You Need a Calling Program...Now What?

If you’ve come to the conclusion that it is time to implement a calling program for sales, there are a few considerations to resolve before you can proceed. Now that you’ve come to a point where it’s clear that in order to meet your sales goals you need a consistent, targeted calling program, there are […]

The 3 Words That Will Change Your Close Rate

close rate

    Type “how to think like your buyer” into any search engine and you’ll receive countless links to webinars, publications, marketing conference invitations, online classes, and regular old books. The Words That Will Change Your Close Rate You could spend hours online reading white papers and parsing data but in our experience, thinking like […]

Setting Goals for B2B Lead Generation in 2021

Setting Goals for b2b lead generation in 2021

How will you invest your business development dollars?   The business world has experienced many shifts and turns in 2020, and your goals might look a bit different than you had initially expected. However, having goals set and ready (and understanding they may change) is important as we head into 2021.    With the pandemic, […]