How to Maximize Virtual Trade Show ROI


Trade shows have been and continue to be an important part of business for many companies. Yet in 2020, the number of organizations planning a virtual event doubled.     With the majority of trade shows facing cancellation in 2020 and the forecast for 2021 predicting a similar, socially-distanced year, it is likely we will continue […]

4 Tips That Will Improve Your Networking at Tradeshows and Industry Events

improve your networking

Make the most of your time at tradeshows, industry events, and just about anywhere else. 4 Tips That Will Improve Your Networking Skills Whether you are at a conference, in a meeting, on the phone, at an airport, or on a bus – there is always time for you to be promoting your business…the right […]

Proven Methods to Increase Your Trade Show ROI

Increase Your Trade Show ROI

Increase Your Trade Show ROI Whether you are hosting a booth or simply attending, participating in industry trade shows and events is a large investment of time and resources. In order to make the most of your attendance and increase your trade show ROI, there are several proven methods to increase your chances of making […]

Boost Sales Opportunities by Outsourcing Your Pre- and Post- Trade Show Calls

outsource trade show calls

Your Investment in Attending Trade Show and Industry Events Is Made More Effective When There Is Proper Preparation and Follow- Up. If you’ve ever attended a major trade show or industry event, then you are familiar with the constant grabs for your attention coming from exhibitors’ booths. Depending on the event, there may be magicians, […]

3 Ways You Are Losing Money at A Trade Show


Trade show attendance is an investment. Here’s how to maximize your ROI.   Whether you are representing your own company, or attending on behalf of your employer, being at a trade show should be a boost to your marketing and sales.   I have attended many shows and industry events over the last 20 years, […]