Why Do Some Cold Calling Programs Fail?

Cold calling programs fail

The business of cold calling can cause a lot of debate. Is cold calling dead? Are people still even using their phones? Does the internet replace the need for salespeople who can engage in a real conversation? While online marketing and sales programs play a large part in an overall strategy, there is still a […]

3 Reasons Why Companies that Sell Products Should Engage in B2B Telemarketing

B2B Telemarketing Product Industry

In 2009 JMS Elite had its first opportunity to represent a client in a new-to-us industry – complex products. Up until that point, the vast majority of our clients were those selling business software solutions and consulting services, with almost no clients that sold high-ticket products. With great success in that market (the client still […]

3 Reasons Outsourcing Inside Sales Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Outsourcing Can Increase Your Bottom Line

The formula for rapidly increasing the number of qualified prospects in your sales pipeline is simple – contact your target audience and interact with them in a meaningful way. If your current marketing and sales program is failing to consistently fill your pipeline with qualified leads, outsourcing to a B2B lead generation team is a […]

Sales and Voicemails – Best Practices for B2B Cold Calling

best practices for B2B cold calling

The Power of Persistence Do a quick search around the internet and you will learn that persistence and consistency is essential to successful B2B cold calling and lead generation. Industry research consistently tells us that it takes many attempts to the same prospect to successfully make connect, engage them in a conversation, and qualify them […]

The Insider’s Guide to B2B Cold Calling – Part 2

guide b2b cold calling part 2

Revisiting the fundamentals of proven practices for B2B cold calling is a great way to get back on track if your numbers, or those of your team, are falling. I find that the basics can sometimes get lost amongst new ideas or “shortcuts” and revisiting them can get a caller, or a campaign, back on […]