3 Reasons Your Outsourced Lead Generation Campaign Failed


3 Reasons Your Outsourced Lead Generation Campaign Failed

If you’ve tried an outsourced lead generation campaign and didn’t see a significant return on your investment, you may have chosen the wrong company.

Here are three common reasons why some outsourced lead generation campaigns fail:

1.  Inexperienced Callers

Successful sales happen when an experienced caller can speak with a key evaluator or decision maker. There is a certain level of business acumen the caller must have in order to engage in a meaningful interaction that will resonate with the prospect.

A caller must be able to speak knowledgeably about your particular product, service, or solution and give appropriate relevant examples of other similar customers who have used it and found success.

If the caller is inexperienced, doesn’t have enough knowledge of what he or she is representing, or is relying on a script that outlines features and benefits, then there is little chance of the call leading to any sort of memorable conversation.

2. Incomplete Lead Sheets

What sort of information was gathered by the outsourced team? Did you receive the complete picture from your callers?

A lead sheet should be thorough, containing all of the pertinent information that was captured from the telephone conversations with prospects.

We receive consistent feedback from our own satisfied clients that they are surprised at the level of detail contained in our notes.

A comprehensive lead sheet is the result of a real conversation (see #1 above) and is imperative to understanding what is happening with the prospect right now. It should contain complete answers to important questions about the prospect’s time frame, budget, and current situation.

Most importantly the lead sheet should define the need of the prospect so that there are no questions when it is transitioned to a sales rep.

Want to learn more about the power of quality lead sheets? Teleprospecting Done Right

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3. Unsuccessful Transitions

How well was the transition handled from the outsourced firm to your own team?

Transitioning qualified leads sales reps is an important step in a lead generation campaign, and also one where leads can get lost.

It’s important for everyone, outside and inside sales, to understand best practices for transitioning leads. When best practices are not followed, leads are lost, and essentially handed over to your competition.

Your outsourced team should be handing off thorough and complete lead sheets, with a clear and defined next step for sales representatives.  

The successful outsourced caller will have outlined expectations for the next interaction with the qualified prospect, including setting a concrete meeting date with names and titles of those attending.  

Once your inside sales team receives the information, it is imperative that they move quickly and consistently to follow up with the lead.

Outsourced B2B Lead Generation Works

Many of our clients come to us after failed attempts at outsourcing their B2B lead generation efforts and find great success with our program.

For complex sales it is essential to find a team with experienced callers and a proven track record. Here’s how:  4 Qualities to Look for in a B2B Lead Generation Firm.


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