Why Your Sales Team Needs a Teleprospecting Team


Why Your Sales Team Needs a Teleprospecting Team

Let Your Sales Team Focus on Closing the Sale

If you already have a talented sales team, why is it a benefit to use an outsourced teleprospecting team?

When you have a sales team dealing with complex, high ticket, and sophisticated business solutions, the best use of their time is being in front of highly qualified prospects closing the deal.

Complex sales don’t close over the phone or through emails. They require face-to-face meetings, or at least presentations, where solutions are discussed and deals are made.

If you have a talented sales team, their focus should be at the bottom of the sales funnel, getting in front of the key decision-makers, and negotiating the close.

In my experience, this is also where your team wants to be.

It takes time and attention to bring a sale all the way to a close, and it’s best when you can use your talent for this sophisticated, somewhat delicate, part of the sales cycle.

Using a teleprospecting team to make the calls and qualify the leads allows your sales team to do what they do best.

Top of the Funnel Phone Calls

A teleprospecting team is an excellent complement to your sales team that needs to get in front of highly qualified leads.  

A dedicated teleprospecting team gets on the phone, and spends the time that is needed at the top of the funnel.

They make thousands of calls, and have hundreds of conversations that are required to narrow the list down and hand off the qualified opportunities to your own sales team.

For every deal that actually get to the table for negotiation and closing, at least one hundred calls need to be attempted.

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Your highly skilled and valuable sales team’s time is much  better spent in front of the leads that are closer to the point of ready to close.

And the teleprospecting team’s time is best spent making the calls, asking the right questions, and using their refined skill set to qualify and discover actionable leads.

Wondering if teleprospecting is right for you? More information can be found by reading 8 Signs Your Should Invest in Teleprospecting.

Refining the List

An added benefit to outsourcing calls to a qualified teleprospecting team is that they will filter your list down to only highly qualified leads.

In our experience, many times an inside sales team will hold on to prospects that have no future. This only leads to time wasted on calls and communication with prospects that have no hope in ending in a closed sale.

A teleprospecting team has the expertise to ask the right questions, and spend the right amount of time in order to determine if there is a real interest. If there is none, then no more effort is spent engaging with a company that isn’t going to take next steps.

The result is a final list handed off to a sales team that will know every name on that list is worth the time and effort it takes to move them through the sales funnel.

Engaging a teleprospecting team to work with your own team ensures that the sales funnel keeps flowing.

Your salespeople can continuously work on getting in front of the decision makers ready to take the next step, while a skilled team of teleprospectors continues to hand off highly qualified leads to them.

– John

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