How Can You Build Sales Capacity with Outsourced Lead Generation


How Can You Build Sales Capacity with Outsourced Lead Generation

Benefit from the Proven Methods of Experienced Professionals

“We relied on JMS Elite to jump start our lead generation by quickly learning our messaging and [by] functioning as our inside team as we grew our own teams. JMS has been remarkably successful for us.”  

-Sherry Frandle, SVP Marketing, Secure-24

Implementing a Solid Sales Program

Starting a sales team, or launching a new sales initiative, can be a slow build if your staff is unseasoned or unfamiliar with the new market. The time it takes to train or learn a new industry can cause an unwelcome and avoidable decrease in sales numbers.

Outsourcing a team as you build your staff, or as you enter a new market, is a cost-effective way to prevent a dip in sales, as well as take advantage of the professional team’s expertise.

A team of experts trained in B2B telesales will be able to start making the required calls quickly and efficiently.

They will have a full staff ready to learn about your unique needs and create the most effective lead generation plan possible.

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The program is very focused from the beginning, allowing you to avoid a lag in sales while your team is training.  

Once you have a trained team with the skills needed to successfully implement an inside sales program, they can work in conjunction with an outsourced staff that is continuing to deliver leads through telemarketing sales.

If you are debating about investing in an internal team or outsourcing to build sales capacity, note that it needn’t be one or the other.

An added benefit to hiring an outsourced sales staff at the outset; their involvement with your organization allows your own team to observe the skills of an experienced and successful team and apply them to their own methodologies.

Are you building a team or entering a new market? Could your company benefit from an outsourced sales program?

Contact us and we can discuss what makes sense for you and your business.


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