B2B Lead Generation – Why Does Customer Experience Matter?


B2B Lead Generation - Why Does Customer Experience Matter?


You have a great product, service, or solution. Your prices are competitive, but your team is still having a hard time hitting their numbers. The issue may be customer experience.


Thanks to fast-moving technology, consumers have endless access to information and options. Smart, interactive advertising and communication with customers has become commonplace and expected.


What has emerged amongst all of this noise is the desire for a better customer experience.


Research giant Gartner Inc. released data several years ago predicting that by 2016, 89% of companies would be competing based on customer experience. A more recent study by Walker supports that data, claiming that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator for B2B companies by 2020.



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Better Service from an Experienced Team


If customer experience is the factor that will tip the scales for a B2B client now and in the future, then the first point of contact with prospects – the sales call – must be with an experienced executive capable of creating a meaningful interaction.


Customers have come to expect much more than scripted pitches, and explanations of features and benefits that can easily be discovered through a quick Google search.


A caller must be experienced, and willing to listen and understand the pain points of the prospect, and able to offer real solutions that offer long-term benefits. Callers must be poised to make adjustments, speak knowledgeably, and ensure that the lead is truly qualified before guiding them further along the sales cycle.


Attempting to move an unqualified lead through the sales pipeline will not only result in no sale, but in a dissatisfied customer as well.


And a dissatisfied customer often speaks louder than a happy one. According to a customer service study conducted by Zendesk, 95% of dissatisfied customers tell other people about their bad experiences.


If your sales team is struggling to hit their targets, it may be time to listen, re-focus, and take another look at what the current research is telling us. Customers have come to expect top-notch service and this should start at the very beginning of your business relationship.


Meeting each customer’s unique needs and providing value, in combination with a superior product or service, is what will determine success.




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