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A look into our founding, charitable works, and personal pursuits

JMS Elite has been in operation for over 20 years, and we wanted to take a moment to give you a peek behind the curtain at how we formed, how we contribute to our community, and an inside look into the founders — Jim Scaparotti and John Magyari.

While working in a local contact center that focused on outbound telesales throughout the 90s, Jim and John brought early CRMs and ERPs to the world. They began honing their industry expertise and understanding of effective lead generation tactics and approaches despite the rapidly shifting industry approaches thanks to evolving technologies. Armed with the knowledge and experience they gained, the duo decided to leave their positions and formed JMS Elite — a now prominent B2B lead generation company catering to businesses providing intricate, frequently high-value solutions, products, and services.

JMS Elite has been a trailblazer since its inception in 2002. A strategic decision early on set the tone: move beyond conventional talent training and seek out seasoned business development executives (BDEs) across the United States and Canada. Anticipating the benefits of remote work, JMS Elite, well ahead of the curve, recognized the potential in collaborating with skilled individuals regardless of their location, fostering a positive and effective work environment for all employees, regardless of their physical location.

JMS Elite stands out for its proactive approach to innovation, like its specialized development of contact management systems—think tailoring a suit but for managing client connections, now in its third iteration. This unique methodology highlights JMS Elite’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and effectively managing the evolving needs of its clients. This forward-thinking strategy solidifies their leadership in the industry while laying the groundwork for meeting dynamic client demands. JMS Elite’s proactive approach isn’t just about their success; it’s a pathway for their clients to thrive as well.

While helping their clients succeed in their lead generation goals is hugely important to the company, just as important is their charitable work. JMS currently works closely with two organizations: the B Brave Foundation and Culinary for a Cure.

The B Brave Foundation was founded by the son and daughter-in-law of Jim Scarparotti after losing their vibrant young son, Josiah, to a rare genetic disorder at the age of 6. B Brave provides practical support to the families of children with genetic neurological diseases, helping them navigate the often overwhelming hospitals and care systems while improving communication with their hospitals and providers. JMS Elite sponsors their yearly fundraiser, the proceeds of which all go towards helping families of children with rare diseases.

Culinary Fights Cancer was co-founded by Joe Baab, a young man born with cerebral palsy who, with grit and determination, worked through physical therapy and eventually joined one of the top high school basketball programs in the state of Ohio. Joe was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2018, and he and his family soon found out that a side effect of treatment was losing his sense of taste. To combat this, Joe and his sister Emily started Culinary Fights Cancer to provide cancer patients and their families with the knowledge, cooking skills, and support needed to ensure the meals they eat are giving their bodies the best chance at fighting their cancer. Despite his passing, the foundation lives on, and JMS Elite’s John sits on the fundraising committee that supports the organization’s annual March Madness Fundraiser.

Even though Jim and John stay busy with JMS Elite and its charitable contributions, they still manage to take time for themselves and their families.

Jim and his wife’s five children and 15 grandchildren all live close by, meaning there is never a dull moment — something he wouldn’t change for the world. He does manage to steal some time for himself, though, dabbling in impressionist-style painting and drawings. Jim is also a modern classic rock artist who has been writing songs for over 30 years and recently began releasing his music under the name Jim Scarparotti and the TINMAN project.

After spending nearly 27 years coaching basketball on multiple levels, you can now find John on the water with his friends and family in his spare time. While he was always a fisherman, joining the Freedom Boat Club helped him realize his dreams of boating, and he has the freedom to access everything from pontoon boats to 244 Key West Center Consoles at various locations around the world.

Over the span of over 20 years, JMS Elite has grown from its roots as a trailblazer in business development to a symbol of commitment, innovation, and community support. Let us help you reach your lead generation and inside sales initiatives.

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