Cavs, Creativity, and Craft Beer


Cavs, Creativity, and Craft Beer

Tracing Cleveland’s Momentum as A City for The New Millennium

It’s amazing how momentum works.

Success leads to positivity, which leads to more success, and more positivity.


Right now, the town JMS Elite proudly calls home, Cleveland, is riding a wave of growth and energy that is lifting all sectors of our community.


I believe that success in one area of the community, like our booming culinary and craft brewery scene, lifts spirits in other areas, and their success is feeding continued prosperity throughout Greater Cleveland.


In another powerful instance, the return of LeBron James to the Cavaliers and the NBA Championship he helped bring to the city in 2016 was a huge deal.


Cleveland hadn’t won a major championship title in more than 50 years, so the emotional and economic catharsis was deeply affecting, bringing about an entirely new “LeBronomy” – so called for the economic impact of LeBron’s return on Cuyahoga County and downtown Cleveland businesses.



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A Bright Future in Technology, Innovation, and Business Growth

Cleveland has continued the positive buzz, scoring features in a host of national publications and high-traffic websites about how this region has morphed from an industrial economy to an idea-based economy supporting technological innovation.


The current issue of The National, which sits in the seat pocket of every Amtrak train in the Midwest, has the cover story: “Cleveland Cooks Up a Revival – A Booming Food Scene is Helping This Postindustrial Midwest Capital Shake off The Rust.”


The article cites a 97 percent occupancy rate in downtown apartments and steady tourism growth since 2009.


“People are starting to say, ‘Hey this is a fun city where you can make things happen” – The National


All of these entrepreneurs and innovators are hustling to build businesses and further Cleveland’s economic, housing, and social renewal.  We think it’s important that these community thought leaders and innovators get together and bounce ideas off each other. For this reason, we are either members or involved in many local business and entrepreneurial associations such as OHTec, AA-ISP, Gorilla Group, and TechPint


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Held at local breweries, TechPint Happy Hours provide the perfect environment for fostering the next “big idea,” attracting hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, and advocates from all over Northeast Ohio.


JMS Elite co-sponsored the most recent Happy Hour in Cleveland, and we saw firsthand how exciting and valuable this meetup can be.


We are proud of the way our lakeside city has reinvented itself in the new millennium and look forward to continuing the momentum.




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