Successful B2B Lead Generation for the Life Sciences Industry


Successful B2B Lead Generation for the Life Sciences Industry


JMS Elite works with companies and organizations across multiple industries, and our methodologies and experienced callers are successful across the board.


However, in advance of the July AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, we’re seeing a sharp rise in positive results for our life sciences clients.


Why are our B2B sales programs so successful for the life sciences industry?


There are several reasons why our Business Development Executives (BDEs) are successfully finding and qualifying leads for our life science clients.


1. JMS Elite callers are business executives who learn and understand the industry into which they are calling, as well as industry-specific terms, in order to engage in real, unscripted conversations with prospects.


2. We’ve often heard prospective clients say, “You’ll never be able to just get on the phone with these PhD scientists, and speak their language convincingly.” But because our BDE’s have the in-depth knowledge and the capability to have a conversation about business solutions to business problems, we can, and we do. Our expertise is in asking the right questions that help the prospect uncover what is needed for success, no matter what the industry.


3. By staying focused on overall business success, regardless of the product or service being offered, our callers can guide prospects through the decision-making process and serve as a sounding board for those considering a significant investment in a new product.


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The products, solutions, and services that are offered to those in the life science industry are varied and the targeted prospects include lab directors and managers, scientists, and physicians.


Even with the many variables at hand, our clients are achieving consistent success with the leads generated through our telesales programs.


JMS Elite at AACC

JMS Elite will be in Chicago this July for AACC, the largest international conference and tradeshow in the laboratory medicine field. We will use our time there to network, learn more about the many changes in life-sciences technology, and meet with our current clients in the industry.


How can our proven methodologies help you? If you would like to benefit from a one-on-one conversation, please get in touch so we can schedule time to meet.


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