Why Outsourcing Your B2B Sales Calls Is Good for Your Bottom Line


Why Outsourcing Your B2B Sales Calls Is Good for Your Bottom Line

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing your B2B sales calls to an experienced lead generation company connects your business with clients and customers, without having to hire, train, and manage a sales staff.


Partnering with an outsourced company ensures the calls will be made by those with a high level of experience in telesales, whose sole focus is qualifying leads and filling the top of your sales funnel.

As a Complement to Your Internal Sales Team

Inside sales reps are used for a variety of activities within a company, and therefore cannot dedicate 100% of their time to sales calls. Typical outbound calling efforts by inside sales reps usually adds up to about 30 – 50% of their total activities.

Outsourced telesales executives provide outbound calling efforts exclusively, and this sort of focus yields a better return on the time invested.


A client of ours was using us in tandem with their inside sales staff. Eventually, they decided to use our services exclusively because, on average, one JMS Elite Business Development Executive was producing better results than two internal full-time employees.

JMS Elite works as an extension of your sales team, applying our proven methodology for full sales cycle support – Outsourced Inside Sales Services


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As Your Exclusive Sales Team

Outsourcing to a highly-qualified B2B lead generation sales team, as opposed to hiring internally, has many benefits:

  • Overhead is low.
  • An outsourced team will have the experience and core competency skill to be able to start calling efforts immediately.
  • You are hiring experts who do not need to be trained.
  • You can scale activities upward or downward depending on needs without hiring or firing reps.
  • Managing and reporting activities are handled by the outsourced team, freeing up the time of internal employees.


“We are constantly amazed at the level of talent and effort that JMS Elite delivers. Because they have proven to be very consistent in their performance, we expanded their role from focusing solely on early-stage lead generation to operating as an extension of our team throughout our marketing and sales strategy.”


Stephen Marchewitz, President, SecureState


Whether as your exclusive inside sales force or as a complement to your existing sales team, outsourcing provides a marked return on investment, allows you to scale your efforts quickly and accordingly, and provides a skilled and focused team so that your own time can be spent only on highly qualified and actionable sales leads.

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