3 Reasons Outsourcing Inside Sales Can Increase Your Bottom Line


Outsourcing Can Increase Your Bottom Line

The formula for rapidly increasing the number of qualified prospects in your sales pipeline is simple – contact your target audience and interact with them in a meaningful way.

If your current marketing and sales program is failing to consistently fill your pipeline with qualified leads, outsourcing to a B2B lead generation team is a proven solution and can provide an excellent ROI. Here’s why.

3 Reasons Outsourcing Inside Sales Can Increase Your Bottom Line

1. Acquire Real Opportunities

Other marketing and sales methodologies can provide a flood of information, sometimes less expensively, but often it’s not valuable or actionable. Outsourcing to dedicated and experienced callers who possess the business acumen to pursue and speak confidently with C-level managers produces high-quality leads with real potential.

Investing in the right person to make the necessary calls ensures that key qualifying questions will get asked and answered. While the initial up-front cost to outsource may seem like an unnecessary expenditure, the quality and value of the information produced is invaluable.

Additionally, outsourced B2B telemarketers can dedicate 100% of their time seeking out and speaking directly to key evaluators and decision-makers. Conversing back and forth over the phone, in real time, reveals critical information that other marketing efforts can’t capture.

The results of these real conversations are high quality leads delivered to your sales team for the next step of the sales cycle.

2. In-house Employees Are Costly

Full-time employees are expensive, and they also have the potential for a high turnover rate.

Outsourcing is a cost-effective option as it allows you to pay only for what you need and scale up or down when necessary. Additionally, outsourced representatives can dedicate all of their time to making the multiple touches necessary to reach decision-makers in a way that full-time employees cannot.

In theory, an in-house sales representative plans to spend the majority of his or her time making calls and qualifying leads. However, experience tells us that the internal demands and pressures of full-time employees cause them to spend significantly less time on the phone than an outsourced representative.

In the end, your cost-per-lead can be much higher with a full-time employee than with an outsourced representative.

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3. It Allows for Time to Nurture Accounts

Unlike internal representatives who are more likely to focus on the immediate business that is nearer to a close, outsourced teams have more time to nurture relationships with prospects — even those who are not quite ready to buy.

Reaching out and taking the time to nurture a prospect with long-term potential can be an excellent investment and a task that your competitors are probably not doing.

Even when a prospect is 6-12 months out from making a purchase, they likely have a business pain that needs to be solved. Connecting with a potential buyer at the very beginning of the process means less competition, more opportunity, and an ability to influence their decision making.

Investing in an outsourced team with the time, dedication, and commitment to making calls and qualifying leads will keep your sales pipeline healthy and increase your bottom line.

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