B2B Sales – Who Is Representing Your Brand?


B2B Sales - Who Is Representing Your Brand?

You care about your Brand… or do you?

Professional marketing teams take great care in creating and promoting their corporate brand.


It is more than just a company name or visual element; it represents the first impression of your company to the world, including prospective buyers.


Every aspect of your company brand says something about who you are and what you have to offer.


Your logo, website, social media interaction, print media and even the way your salesforce communicates all are a direct reflection of your branding efforts.


So as a leader in the B2B telemarketing industry, it baffles me when I talk with sales or marketing leaders who are looking for outsourced B2B lead generation services and are willing to trust their brand to anything less than the most professional, experienced, US-based calling team.


How Can We Help?


Your choice of outsourced services can have a powerful impact on your brand.


I have spoken with sales leaders who sell complex, high-ticket solutions to a sophisticated buying audience who told me they were considering our firm against offshore options.


Or they have told me they will only consider “pay-per-lead” performance-based services, where junior level callers are dialing for dollars.


So let’s take a look at how outsourcing lead generation services can complement or hinder your brand efforts.


During a typical outbound B2B calling campaign, literally, thousands of calls are placed by your chosen outsourced lead gen partner on your behalf.


Tremendous mindshare is achieved by this outreach into your prospect universe and, depending on who is representing you, it can be very good or very bad for your brand.


In many cases, this may be the first time a prospective buyer has heard your company name.


So, you would think that partnering with a firm that retains the most experienced, business-savvy business development team would be a no brainer.


Ask yourself the following when considering the type of business development partner you want to hire:


  • Can the firm you are partnering with communicate your complex value proposition effectively to executive decision makers?
  • Do they take care to understand how you represent your brand to the world?
  • Are they leaving boring voice mail messages that sound like most of the ones you receive on a daily basis?
  • Can they engage in meaningful, peer-to-peer conversations with prospects to uncover hidden business pains?


You should care about the answers to these questions.


Meaningful Interactions Download



Our professional BDEs can find leads where others don’t – because they are capable of engaging decision-makers and uncovering business pains that less experienced callers cannot.


And that is why our long-term clients appreciate the care we take in onboarding our highly experienced and tenured business development teams.


We take pride in representing our clients and their brand professionally to achieve the highest possible results.