How to Find the Goldmine in Your Prospect Database


How to Find the Goldmine in Your Prospect Database

Don’t underestimate the opportunity of finding qualified leads in your current database.


Your company most likely has a list of leads that are not getting the attention they warrant.


It’s understandable that with limited resources, sales staff prioritize accounts approaching a close, rather than digging into the details of former customers, or leads that have gone cold.


But there are potential gems hidden in your prospect database that, with a new approach, could show a receptiveness you didn’t see before.


Two of the most common potential prospect conversions are as follows:


  • A customer whose needs have likely evolved since your last interaction with them


  • A lead that went dormant long enough ago that a renewed discussion about your solutions and their current situation would likely benefit them


Taking the time to call and reconnect with these potential customers who are already in your database could uncover a qualified lead that was previously overlooked.

Incomplete data can affect your ability to effectively generate leads and accurately rank them for sales, take the time to make sure your database is comprehensive – Boosting Your Database for A Better Conversion Rate 


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A Proactive Approach to Existing Accounts


Your existing clients already know and trust you, but they probably don’t know about everything you offer. A satisfied customer will be receptive to recommendations of complementary products and services.


As your clients’ businesses grow and your offerings evolve, there could be a match that you wouldn’t have conceived of during your initial sales calls with them.


Keep calling on existing customers. Proactive check-ins will keep you tuned into all your clients’ successes and growing pains and uncover new areas of potential collaboration.


A Fresh Approach to Stagnant Leads

What about leads that have stagnated in the sales pipeline? Just like with existing customers, the passage of time can mean changed needs on their end, and new solutions on yours.


A fresh call can lead to a very different conversation than your original contact with the company.


You may find a new decision-maker to talk with. You also may find the company has expanded into new markets that are a better fit for your solutions. The company also may be further along in their investigation of solutions in your field.


Perhaps they simply have more time to fully consider your offerings than they did the last time you spoke.


There may be a surprise goldmine in your prospect database. Stay engaged with your existing customers and revive conversations with stalled leads to find it.




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