3 Reasons Your Company Needs to Invest in Lead Generation


3 Reasons Your Company Needs to Invest in Lead Generation

Complex B2B lead generation requires time and focus. It creates a sustained stream of quality leads that your business can turn into sales. It’s an area worth your investment.


These are three key reasons why it makes sense for your company to invest in lead generation:


1. It translates to sales


For companies that sell high ticket solutions, services, and products. your lead generation efforts need only produce a small percentage of conversions to give you a healthy ROI. It can take hundreds of prospecting calls to uncover a handful of qualified leads. If you convert just one or two of those leads into sales, you have likely recovered your initial lead generation investment.


Shirley Trainor-Thomas hired JMS Elite to identify opportunities for GuideStar, a niche healthcare services company for which she is chief strategy officer. Ms. Trainor-Thomas notes how JMS Elite has provided a positive ROI for GuideStar:


“The quality of the leads we have received through JMS Elite are very good, and we have been able to turn these opportunities into tangible long-term business for our organization.”


Whether you outsource your lead generation efforts or develop the capacity to do dedicated teleprospecting in-house, the key is that you make it a priority.


Find more information about how JMS Elite helped GuideStar uncover qualified leads  – Leveraging JMS Elite Lead Generation Services to Make Headway in a Niche Market


2. It ensures only quality leads are advanced


Professional business development means only truly qualified, actionable leads are moved through the sales funnel. It means quality conversations with promising prospects and better recognition of prospects who are not a good fit for your business.


Giving a team of teleprospectors the time and resources to make these contacts and have these conversations – or hiring a dedicated team of experienced business development executives – results in better use of the time and talents of your higher-level sales team.


They can focus their lead-nurturing only on qualified leads and avoid wasted energy on leads that won’t convert.



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3. It plays to staff strengths


Making hundreds of cold teleprospecting calls and turning them into meaningful interactions concerning the needs of the prospect on the other end of the line is a specialized skill that everyone on your team might not possess.


Even your company’s best sales people are probably better suited to closing deals with qualified leads.


Investing in lead generation means you’re finding the right professionals for the job and asking them to focus solely on it. This lifts that responsibility from the rest of your staff to better focus on their core competencies.



Lead generation is a specialized skill. If you don’t have the personnel on staff to tackle it, outsourcing is a good option. Time is Money – Why Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation Can Save You Both



Your commitment to it will improve the quality of your leads, result in increased sales, and free your employees to focus on the areas for which they are best suited.




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