3 Quick Tips for LinkedIn for Sales Success


3 Quick Tips for LinkedIn for Sales Success


LinkedIn is an excellent platform for making connections, forming business relationships and keeping in touch over time.

I have been using it for years and currently subscribe to Sales Navigator.


As Principal of a professional business development firm that specializes in B2B lead generation, I understand that success in sales results from creating meaningful connections and mutually beneficial business relationships.


And as a Principal, I also must sift through unwanted solicitations from connections hoping to cast a wide net on the platform and catch something. These messages and solicitations are not only off-putting, they are rarely successful.


These are my three quick tips for effectively using LinkedIn for sales success:

1. Be Specific

Use your InMail and messages wisely and only when you have something specific to say. For instance, if you will be attending the same trade show or event, or if you will be visiting the area in which they are located and could meet about a specific solution.


This works well if you have a current client in the same field and you can share your relevant business experience.


If your message is personalized, specific, and you have something relevant to offer, you stand a better chance of getting the response you are hoping for.

2. Respond to an Interest

I pay attention to who view my profile, and I reach out if there could be an area of mutual interest. I take the time to research their background first and decide if there is a possible future business connection.


A simple note to say that I noticed they were looking at my profile/company and ask if there is anything I can help them with is enough to make the connection and to see where it goes.


There is usually a reason why someone has landed on a profile, whether it’s through the website or another connection.


If they’ve taken the time to look at your information, then it is worth your time to find out if this is a potential prospect for your business.



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3. Group Participation

If you’ve been on LinkedIn for any length of time you have probably joined some groups relative to your business or interests. If you haven’t, you should join as many related groups as allowed as it opens your world of connections considerably. It’s also a good idea to join the conversation when you have something relevant to add.


This is a great way for me to get the name of my business out there, and sometimes share blogs or articles we have written on a particular subject that is being discussed. I make sure whatever I’m saying or sharing is helpful and constructive. This type of group participation has the potential to lead to conversations which can turn into meaningful connections and future sales opportunities.


People are on LinkedIn to make connections and grow their business, whatever the field or industry. It’s a good idea to use it as a tool but remember to approach it the way you would any type of business opportunity.


Determine if what you have to offer is relevant to your prospect, let them know how you have helped others and offer them the chance to learn more about your solution, service or product.




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