4 Reasons to Invest in Lead Generation NOW


3 Reasons to invest in lead generation NOW

There are always solid reasons to invest in lead generation, but there are several particular reasons why doing so now is a great idea. 

1. The Positive Economic Forecast

The economic forecast for the post-pandemic world is looking up, to say the least. There are predictions that foretell a rise in the GDP to above pre-pandemic levels, which can be partially attributed to accelerated technological change and productivity growth for businesses (Source: Deloitte). This positive outlook offers businesses the chance to look ahead and opt to invest in equipment and solutions to expedite business growth.


Supply chains are experiencing a shift as well. While the demand for goods rises and the dependence on other countries for trade decreases, there is a greater opportunity for manufacturing to increase in the US (Source: Deloitte).


Now is a prime time to get in front of businesses that are looking to diversify their suppliers for both goods and software-type services. The outlook for the economy predicts significant growth, and companies will seek new equipment, processes, and software to streamline processes and keep up with the demand. 


The manufacturing, eCommerce and retail, and life sciences industries are faced with great opportunities to connect with ready-to-invest businesses and market their unique products and services. Establishing a strong lead generation program can help uncover these opportunities.


2. Changes in the Buyer’s Journey

Research shows that the buyer’s journey is getting more difficult—particularly for B2B purchases. Seemingly endless options, the prevalence of information online, and a complex process that often loops around in a non-linear pattern has complicated the buying journey, leaving buyers confused and often feeling stressed. 


Due to this complexity, buyers value suppliers that make this complex purchase path more easily navigable. As result, when guided by a professional, buyers can experience a 2.8x increase in purchase ease and a 3x greater likelihood of completing a purchase with less regret.


Quality lead generation can take what has become a time-consuming task for decision-makers and CEOs and make it painless. Much of the responsibility of the sales process now falls on the buyer, so creating an easier process where an experienced professional guides the buyer through the process can help you stand out from the competition. 


“When B2B buyers are considering a purchase, they spend only 17% of that time meeting with potential suppliers. When buyers are comparing multiple suppliers, the amount of time spent with any one sales rep may be only 5% or 6%.” – Gartner 


Takeaway: Make sure your sales representatives are top-notch, as this meaningful interaction could be the turning point for the buyer. 


“The typical buying group for a complex B2B solution involves six to 10 decision-makers, each armed with four or five pieces of information they’ve gathered independently and must deconflict with the group… These dynamics make it increasingly difficult for customers to make purchases. In fact, more than three-quarters of the customers Gartner surveyed described their purchase as very complex or difficult.” – Gartner


Takeaway: Lead generation should focus on helping a buyer through a complex process. Investing in callers who understand the market or industry you are in can be very helpful and potentially reduce conflict among decision-makers.


3. Increase in Available Capital

Many businesses are dishing out significantly less for expenses like office space due to the shift to remote work. With extra funds to use and with interest rates low, there is a lot of money to be borrowed at low rates right now. This has left companies with more capital to spend on products and services that will lead to greater business development opportunities. (Source: Deloitte).


If you are looking to invest in your company long-term, quality lead generation should be a part of your investment. It offers the opportunity to deploy experienced sales professionals that can connect your offerings with the right people at the right time. 

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4. Boom in New Business and Start-Ups

Recent news is pointing to a boom in new businesses and startups, and these new businesses create an opportunity to break into new markets. New businesses may be in need of your expertise, goods, and services. Get in front of them now with sales experts that have experience in their industry and markets, and that are equipped with the business acumen to establish connections and uncover real opportunities for sales. 


On the flip side, as an entrepreneur, it’s important to get the word out about your product. Investing in lead generation at the outset could be the difference between success and failure.


Whichever reason for investing in lead generation resonates, we guarantee that it will offer growth opportunities that you may have not thought possible. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to get started with building your lead generation program today.

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